We are experts in underwater swimming pool repair services without draining such as underwater tile replacement using an exclusive, high quality adhesive to ensure a long-lasting finish.

We offer an excellent end result, with a full warranty to back our assurance on the work we do. Save water and money by repairing your pool without draining. 

Our divers are professionals and have swimming pool licenses to fix pools.

They replace detached and broken tiles on the steps, walls and floor. We make sure the tiles we are replacing are the same tone as the ones surrounding it, ensuring an invisible finish.

We use clean and efficient methods, keeping your swimming pool clean throughout the repair.

We offer you a way repairing without closing the pool so you can still use the pool while we are fixing it.

We also use non-toxic and eco-friendly products.

We will work in any area of the pool, carefully replacing any imperfections.

Behind the grilles we could find several types of faults, such as broken gratings and rusty bolts. We can even rebuild the entire area with a custom grating.
We find the best solution for every problem.

Repair and replacement drivers, power sweepers and skimmer

You only have to send us a picture of where you want to install the handrail and we we’ll send you a quote. The installation will be done quickly, without debris and with full warranty.

It is another option of a security element without having to install handrails, colorful and durable.

We provide solutions for an endless number projector faults.

  • Change halogen lamps
  • LED halogens, white and RGB (colour)
  • Replace halogens for LED projectors

We have mastered a technique that involves making underwater joints, where the beam remains submerged, making it impossible to replace the lamp.

Coverage of the drain, to allow the replacement of pumps

You can ask for the service when you need it, we will take the pool so you can work on changing filters, motors, keys, etc …

Detection and sealing of leaks

Water leaks in swimming pools is the worst damage that can be found. For the cost of the spill a lot of water, or even having to empty for repair.
We solve a large number of them, for example broken skimmers, and cracks due to the installation of lights and drivers.
In the case that they are in the circuit cubes we introduce a camera to inspect and repair the exact location of the fault.

Power-washing of seams

Since we work underwater, we can clean black stains off of seams (caused by mould), stains caused by metallic objects, coins, etc…
It is very efficient in removing them.

Stains produced by the rods of the structure of the pool are a problem that even repairing them dry do not succeed with the solution.
We with a combination of several products eradicate this type of problem.

Cleaning of broken tiles

Cuts often occur without seeing the defective tile.
We sanitise the area by removing any broken tiles in any pool area but especially on the steps.

Our customers have asked us also if possible to do this kind of work.
That is why we have also specialized in cleaning or repair dirty tiles, cracks, etc ..

Contact us and we will make a customized quote

Contact us and we will make a customized quote without commitment