Pool rust stains removal

Pool rust stains removal

Rust stains are produced by the rods of the pool structure. They need to be correctly repaired, so they do not come back all over again.
Using a combination of several products, we are getting excellent results and eradicating this type of problem.
In very few cases, if the area is very contaminated, we could value if it is necessary to carry out the work without water. In those cases, you will only have to empty it down to the level of the stain and thus avoid emptying the pool completely.



We are divers and pool repair experts


We use clean and efficient methods, keeping your swimming pool clean throughout the repair.

En algunos casos si la zona está muy contaminada y valoramos  que es necesario realizar el trabajo sin agua, únicamente se tendrá que vaciar hasta el nivel de la mancha y así evitar vaciar por completo la piscina.

Don’t drain your pool. We can help you to save water and money


Our divers are professionals and have swimming pool licenses to fix pools.

We can repair your pool without closing it. You will be able to use the pool while we are fixing it!

We also use non-toxic and eco-friendly products.

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