Swimming pool Pool lights repair

Swimming pool Pool underwater lights repair without draining

As experts in pool repairs, we replace all kind of lights without draining your swimming pool. We provide many options in pool lights.
In swimming pools we usually have 2 systems of light installation:
1º Spotlight (with niche) embedded in the wall
2º Spotlight ( Flat ) Fixed with crosshead to the wall

In both cases we replace halogen lamps, 300w (with niche) 100w for the (flat)
For spotlights (with niche) LED lamps ,white 25w and RGB color 35w (with driver)

For flat spotlights we also have the same option without the need to empty.
Using a drill and underwater connections, we can replace inside your pool any light model (plane) halogens, by white Led or RGB colors (with controller)

We are divers and pool repair experts

We have mastered a technique that consists on making an underwater connection, for those in which the focus remains submerged (with a niche) and it is impossible to replace the lamp.

Don’t drain your pool. We can help you to save water and money


Our divers are professionals and have swimming pool licenses to fix pools.

We can repair your pool without closing it. You will be able to use the pool while we are fixing it!

We also use non-toxic and eco-friendly products.

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Contact us and we will make a customized quote without commitment
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